Transforming subsets of data in R with by, ddply and data.table

Transforming data sets with R is usually the starting point of my data analysis work. Here is a scenario which comes up from time to time: transform subsets of a data frame, based on context given in one or a combination of columns.

As an example I use a data set which shows sales figures by product for a number of years:

df <- data.frame(Product=gl(3,10,labels=c("A","B", "C")), 
## Product Year Sales
## 1 A 2002 1
## 2 A 2003 2
## 3 A 2004 3
## 4 A 2005 4
## 5 A 2006 5
## 6 A 2007 6

I am interested in absolute and relative sales developments by product over time. Hence, I would like to add a column to my data frame that shows the sales figures divided by the total sum of sales in each year, so I can create a chart which looks like this:

There are lots of ways of doing this transformation in R. Here are three approaches using: Read more »